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WAOM | Word Alive Outreach Ministries now accepts Tithes, Offerings and Donations online at

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GOD wants the first tenth of everything He provides us with… not the last of it or what’s left over at the end of paying your bills.  GOD wants you to trust Him and lean on Him to work it out and make the checkbook balance at the end of each month.   Matthew 6:25 – 27

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WAOM Ladies Meeting February 27th

WAOM | Word Alive Outreach Ministries would like to invite all ladies to come visit with us on Monday, February 27th, live at The Masters Blend, located at 1128 W Panola Street in Carthage, Texas.  It’s our monthly ladies event with a special night of fun, food and fellowship!  We will be celebrating Valentines with someone who loves us very much… our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  Tina Cropper will be sharing with us, straight from The Father’s heart to ours.  Bring a friend and let’s see what GOD has in store for all of us.

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Special Guest December 11th

December 11th ~ Sunday Morning 10:30am ~ Bro. Don Crumb will be with us


Dr. Don Crum, President/Founder

Leadership International

Dr. Don Crum entered the ministry in 1972 at the age of seventeen when he became the City of Dallas, Texas’ youngest hospital chaplain. The Oak Cliff Community Hospital became the training ground where Don learned the dynamics of compassion, obedience to God and faith. So many patients were miraculously healed through prayer in those days that three staff doctors at the hospital filed a formal complaint with the hospital administrator requesting that Don stop praying for their patients. These doctors were actually losing money, as they had no choice but to release patients who no longer needed surgery or medical treatment because they were being healed by God’s power.

Don served as a pastor in the United States for eleven years until he and his wife, Cheri, along with their two children, left America in 1988 to serve as missionaries in Nigeria, West Africa. Serving for over seven years in some of the most primitive and dangerous jungles of Africa, know as, “The White Man’s Grave”, Don and Cheri were used by God to establish many churches, mostly among hidden and unreached tribes. In addition to new churches planted, Bible schools and jungle hospitals were also built in regions of great need. Don and Cheri continue to have a powerful ongoing ministry in West Africa where they have witnessed many miracles, including two documented cases of the raising of the dead.

Today, Don serves as the president of Leadership International, an organization designed to develop and train leaders with a special emphasis on integrity, courage, power and vision in the fields of church, government, business and education. Through his Project Bridgestone located in Washington, D.C., Don mentors Presidents, Prime Ministers and other government and military officials who desire to lead from an understanding of Biblical principles of government and the rule of law. Don’s increasing sphere of influence impacts leaders from around the world in nations like, China, Korea, the Republic of Benin, Nigeria, Ghana, Ivory Coast, Israel, Russia, India, Mexico, Costa Rica, Greece, England, Malaysia and the Ukraine.

Don is a Senior Law Enforcement Chaplain and Instructor with the International Fellowship of Chaplains (www.ifoc.org). He holds a Doctorate of Divinity degree from Florida Beacon Bible College (1989 Honoris Causa). Don and Cheri have been married since 1975. Cheri serves as a senior Chaplain for the Smith County Juvenile Detention Center.

Don and Cheri are members of their home church, Kingdom Life Christian Center in Frisco, Texas (www.kingdomlife.org), pastored by Pastor Larry Burden (214-618-1500). They also maintain membership and accountability with the Federation of Ministers and Churches International (www.fmci.org), led by Rev. Jim Hodges (972-283-2262)


December 11th at 6pm we will be having a regional prayer meeting to pray over this region and our nation, and it is open to all prayer warriors who want to really pray!


December 18th ~ Word Alive Christmas party at The Master’s Blend ~ 6pm

December 24th ~ Christmas Service at 3pm

December 25 ~ Merry Christmas ~ Celebrate Jesus with your family!

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