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WAOM | Word Alive Outreach Ministries is very fortunate to have such a great worship band, Seasoned By Fire is a major portion of that:  They lead the Body of Believers into such a sweet time of worship and harmony.  Listen Here

Seasoned by Fire was formed in 2012 as an extended outreach of the Christian rock band Modern Miracle who played the East Texas area for over a decade. The core members felt a calling to serve the church and began leading worship at Church Alive on the square in Carthage, Tx under Pastor Helen McCarthy Witt. When Church Alive moved locations, the members picked back up at their home church, Word Alive Outreach Ministries, under Pastors E.J. and Sarah Hammock and Associate Pastors Craig and Dayna Milam.

In 2016 Seasoned by Fire released their LIVE! @ Word Alive album featuring 18 tracks. The band is now the musical outreach of Kingdom Rising Church under Word Alive Outreach Ministries with Apostle Dayna Milam and Pastors Paul & Michelle Cocklin. They are currently in the studio working on their self-produced debut studio album “The Elements of W@rship” featuring twelve original songs.

Listen for the NEW SOUND!


Seasoned by Fire collaborates with many artists and musicians throughout the writing and recording process, such as:

Rebecca Friedlander

Dyanne Wilbanks

Jerediah Peterson

James Boggs

Shawn Simonson


The members of Seasoned by Fire are:

Emily Lozano – Vocals/Bass

Anthony Lozano – Vocals/Guitar

Nathan Lenox – Vocals/Drums


The members of Kingdom Rising Worship are:

Michelle Cocklin – Piano/Vocals

Cody Pierce – Electric Guitar

Jimmy Parks – Bass

Emily Lozano – Bass/Vocals

Anthony Lozano – Guitar/Vocals

Josh Adams – Guitar

Nathan Lenox – Drums/Vocals


To learn more about Seasoned by Fire please visit their website and Facebook.